Breathwork Session


A session last 60-75 minutes.

Breathwork is an active meditation that provides almost instant relief from anxiety while leaving you in a state of deep relaxation and clarity. Breath is life. By tuning into your own life force (breath), you can produce dramatic results. I help people clear out the emotional and physical detritus that keeps you stuck in unhealthy patterns, reliving various traumas, and engaging in toxic behaviors, and often after just one session, my clients experience an emotional release and are better able to feel compassion for themselves and others. Some might even call it euphoria. It’s almost bizarre how quickly a breathing session can help a person change.



Choose breathwork if:

  • You love – NEED, even – instant gratification.
  • You need to see results fast.
  • You’re a skeptic and don’t believe in woo-woo spiritual nonsense.
  • You suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness.
  • You carry unresolved trauma, grief, or hopelessness that you would like to heal.
  • You engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as addiction, compulsive eating, or self-sabotage, and would like to stop.
  • You feel stuck in life and aren’t moving forward with your dreams and passions.
  • You can’t figure out why you’re still single, still stuck in the same old job, still not achieving your greatest potential. This includes consistently seeking emotionally unavailable partners, working at a job you hate, procrastinating finishing that book or screenplay, and withering inside of your comfort zone.
  • You haven’t felt sustainable joy since you were a child.
  • Things are fine, but you feel like something is missing.
  • Existential crises like whoa.
  • You’re trying to create a more fulfilling life.
  • You’re ready.


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