Breathwork Meditation

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This mediation has been 8 years in the making. If you are seeking recovery from eating disorders, trauma, substance use disorders, or mental health issues of any kind, this meditation was created with you in mind. Breathe along with a guided breathwork session.



Let’s face it. Most of us are recovering from trauma. Many of us struggle with mental illness. Some of us struggle with eating disorders and addiction. It’s time we approach this head- on, without stigma, judgment, or talking around the issues.

Breathwork is a powerful ally on the road to recovery—whatever that looks like for you—and it’s easy enough that most anyone with a pair of functioning lungs can do by themselves.

This recorded breathwork meditation has been something I wanted to create since 2010. Together, we’ll plumb the depths of your spirit and psyche, and offer a potent tool for your personal healing.

Please note that if you have a history of seizures or seizure disorder, consult with your health care professional to see if breathwork is appropriate for you before you begin this practice.

1 review for Breathwork Meditation

  1. Anton

    I came across breathwork and Nathaniel’s work last year after reading the book My Fair Junky. I knew I had to try this… The few live sessions I had with him helped me a lot to tackle my depression, anxiety, behavioural addictions. Each session gave me healing, a sense of bliss and self-love. I haven’t been able to do this on my own, so I decided to purchase this meditation. After a couple of sessions, I can truly say it is as good as a live one. It feels like the facilitator is sitting next to you. This is amazing, thank you Nathaniel ?

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