10 Major Conditions that Can be Treated by Breathwork Therapy

10 Major Conditions that Can be Treated by Breathwork Therapy

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Breathwork involves no complicated science, neither sophisticated equipment nor technology, and simply requires a set of working lungs. Breathwork has evolved to be one of the most popular techniques that provides immense physical, mental, and spiritual relief.

Breathwork, as the name denotes, can be understood as a form of breathing therapy that is performed in association with an expert and certified professional, who may also be known as a healer. With a healer’s help, you can find relief from many common conditions. Here are some of the conditions in which breathwork has been found to be highly effective in offering relief:

  1. Fatigue: You do not always feel fatigued physically. Many times, mental fatigue is enough to trigger bad moods, which can affect concentration, relationships, work life and more. Whatever be the kind of fatigue, physical or mental, breathwork is an effective way to find relief.
  2. Anxiety: Anxiety is a common condition that affects people in many ways. It can lead to anger, loss of words while speaking, fear, and physical issues such as digestive troubles and headaches. Fortunately, you can find support and immense relief when you contact a breathwork healer to help you.
  3. Acute and Chronic Pain: Breathwork therapy has been found to be very effectual in alleviating short-term and long-term pains in the human body. If you are suffering from such pain, meet a breathwork therapist and see how learning breathwork can help you find pertinent relief.
  4. Irritability: Do you remain irritated throughout the day, even when nothing irritating is happening? You could benefit from seeing a breathwork healer. These professionals can easily solve your irritation problem by teaching you high-quality breathing exercises that are effective and act fast.
  5. Anger Management: Feeling angry without processing the emotions can lead to many life and health issues, including heart trouble, muscle tension, and difficulty maintaining relationships. If you are short-tempered, it is suggested to consult a breathwork healer to help you learn to regulate your emotions and anger responses so you can find mental relief.
  6. Depression: Like anxiety, depression affects us in many ways and there may or may not be a clear reason for your depression. Whatever the case might be, breathwork therapy is a great way to lift the spirits, connect to yourself, and help manage all kinds of depressions without the need of prescriptions.
  7. Traumatic Stress: Trauma is common. Most of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives. If you have experienced a traumatic experience — for instance, an accident, bullying, jeering, violence, or assault — it is important to process it with a professional. The stress of unresolved trauma can lead to some other mental symptoms, and you can find effective relief by consulting a breathwork expert.
  8. Pain of Loss: Pain of loss can be unbearable. There is no guidebook to grief and it can be difficult to navigate on your own — but you don’t have to. Consult a healer who offers breathwork training and see how this technique can help you find solace while finding deep long lasting healing.
  9. Mental Relief from Physical Pain: Any form of physical body pain accompanies a lot of mental stress, trauma, anxiety, fear, and depression. Consult a breathwork professional and use the techniques to alleviate your mental troubles due to physical pain.
  10. Circulatory Issues: Breathwork training also enhances the blood circulation and helps circulates oxygen throughout the body. This does wonders for a variety of health concerns and can help support your mind-body connection.

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All due to these benefits, breathwork is spreading thick and wide as a technique which benefits lots of mental issues naturally.

You can consult a good breathwork professional such as ‘Nathaniel V. Dust’ in Los Angeles who offers expert mental healing through proven breathwork techniques. Consult the experts today and get rid of all your issues in a hassle-free manner.

Healing Through Breathwork Meditation

Healing Through Breathwork Meditation

Blog posts

A practice unlike any other, Breathwork utilizes breathing exercises that bring balance to the mind, body, and the spirit in a way that traditional methods could only dream of achieving.

Relax in Only 10 Minutes

Are you overworked? Sleep deprived? Or emotionally hammered? Well fear not, because Breathwork can fix all of that.When most people are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, they often turn to massages or “spa days.” However, these methods are not practical. In a world where time is becoming increasingly more valuable, people simply cannot afford to waste hours relaxing their bodies.Fortunately, Breathwork can not only relax the body in half of the time that a massage can, but it can also relax the mind and the spirit.

More about Breathwork Techniques and Their Merits

The exercises used in Breathwork  require complete control of one’s breathing. By managing one’s breathing, Breathwork practitioners are able to significantly reduce their blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve their overall ability to relax in difficult circumstances. It is these proven health benefits that have resulted in countless experts and healthprofessionals recommending Breathwork to anyone struggling in their day to day lives.

Training the Mind

Now, I know that you are probably asking yourself “Why do I need to practice breathingwhen I’ve been breathing my whole life? Well, you see, breathing in and of itself may be simple,but conscious breathing is much more complex. Conscious breathing requires a bit more effort and practice. The idea is to synchronize body, mind, and spirit. Through a simple breathing technique, a person can change their entire state of mind, in only 10 minutes a day.

If you truly want to master this practice, trainings can are easy to find and attend without a great deal of cost. This journey  cannot be made alone, nor completed in a day. However, with proper practice and supervision, even the most distressed individual can heal their mind, body and spirit from within.

How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by Mercury Retrograde

How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by Mercury Retrograde

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It’s one of my favorite times of year. No, not the holidays. Not the New Year. Mercury retrograde. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a time that the planet Mercury, when observed, looks like it’s orbiting backwards. In astrology, the planet appears to travel backward through its path, retreading where it’s already gone. It’s a time that some believe, according to traditional astrological wisdom, that one should not engage in business deals, sign contracts, or travel. It’s also believed to be a time where technology may malfunction and where communication may suffer.

I love Mercury retrograde because I see so many posts blaming this messenger planet for things going wrong in people’s lives. (No one seems to speak of Mercury’s powers when he’s NOT in retrograde.) This is common thread, I think, where it’s easier to blame something outside of ourselves than to take personal responsibility and look within. Not because we’re bad people or doing it wrong, but because it is difficult to do so. And frankly, it’s convenient to have a retrograde planet on which to blame our action (or inaction).

The way I view astrology is the way I view many things in my life: it’s a tool and organization system to help me define/refine and organize my small and myopic view of the Universe. It’s a system of signs where I can easily relate one thing to another and acknowledge that all things are connected and the same, thus enabling myself to having compassion for everyone and everything. In short: the more I understand, the less I am afraid of the unknown and the less likely I am to reject it.

It’s also important to note that Mercury is not the only planet that goes retrograde. Many of the colorful orbs in our solar system (some traveling at 30,000 miles per hour, others at 80,000+) will become retrograde, some for longer lengths of time than Mercury. More infrequently, but still, other-planet-retrograde occurs. In fact, recently, we had Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto (with a spattering of Neptune and Uranus) all in retrograde at the same time. Queue a collective silence about these planets, except for Mercury. He seems to get all the blame.

But when we look at it, it makes sense why Mercury is our whipping boy/planet. Let’s pretend that Mercury only governs communication. And as humans, most of us are terrible at communicating. Awful, even. We yell at strangers over the Internet. We catcall and use racist language. We divide ourselves from others. We react instead of talk about the feelings boiling beneath — because, for some of us, discussing emotions is more terrifying than death. It’s a cultural issue, a social construction, and it’s all happening whether Mercury is in retrograde or not. Yet, He gets all the blame. Cars breaking down. Mercury Rx. Computer malfunction. Mercury Rx. Email won’t send. Mercury Rx. Fights with spouses, friends, bosses, and significant others. Mercury Rx. We forget that we haven’t had an oil change in a year. We forget all that porn (and malware) we downloaded over summer break. We forget to check the mail settings on our smart phone. We forget (or don’t realize) that we never actually learned how to communicate effectively in the first place — especially when it comes to emo stuff. We’re taught (and maybe even prefer) to suppress our emotions rather than feel them.

You might be delighted to learn that Mercury can be used on an archetypal level, to smooth some of these things out. By forming a relationship with this planet on a psychological level, we can increase awareness of so many aspects of life that we fear will get fucked by Mercury’s backward motion. Putting conscious focus on communication will ultimately force me to improve my skills. Paying conscious attention to technology will help me identify potential risks and errors before they end up getting in my way. And making strong intentions to practice mindfulness each day will ultimately enable me to feel instead of react.

Mercury can be a reliable ally in your life. Even if you believe that astrology is a bunch of bullshit, this archetype is a powerful tool. Mercury is our Messenger — no wonder we collectively “shoot” him each time retrograde rolls around.

This is my challenge to you, the reader. If you buy into the whole astrology thing, please, dig a little deeper into what Mercury can mean to you. Find out in what house and sign Mercury is located in your astrological chart. Develop a relationship (a healthy one) with this planet. Read more about what astrological signs it rules, how it got its name, the Mythology behind the God Mercury, and its patterns in the sky.

For those of you that aren’t into that astrology stuff, perhaps meditate on the archetype that Mercury inspires, and then laugh at the rest of us. Learn about the planet and why ancient astrologers chose it to “govern” so many important parts of life. Exchange with it — even if you sneer at the woo-woo stuff — and see what happens.

Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear. It’s a time to refine the way we communicate and show us various areas in which we might be disconnected. It’s a time to take personal responsibility for the way we communicate. We don’t need to shuck that responsibility onto our solar system. Let’s clean up our act instead.

This post was originally written in Dec. 2016