Turkey Feather Fans by Tkwasit Mamalis – Mandi Montour


The Lenape people use Turkey feathers to honor the Turkey as the winged animal that watches and protects the lands.  Turkey feathers are used in ceremony for smudging and are also carried as part of our bundle.

Wing feathers are traditionally carried and used by Women, and large tom tail feathers are traditionally used by Men. They are also used with the Lenape people’s Traditional Regalia when we dance and are held up high for the honor beats of the drum.

For those who don’t follow traditional gender roles or possess binary gender identities, choose what feathers leap out at you. These traditional Lenape roles are not meant to hinder or confine you, and you’ll likely see people of all genders working with either or both the wing or tail fan.

  • Large Turkey Wing is ethically sourced Eastern Turkey wrapped in Golden Tan Deer hide with Coyote fur trim.
  • Tail Fan is ethically sourced Eastern Tom Turkey wrapped in Golden Tan Deer hide with Summer Rabbit fur trim.
  • Small Wing Fan is ethically sourced Eastern Turkey wrapped in Golden Tan Deer hide with Summer Rabbit fur trim.
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Mandi MontourTkwasit Mamalis – Mandi Montour

Member of the Lenape/Delaware Nation on Six Nations of The Grand River, Mandi is mixed heritage Lenape/Delaware,  Anishinaabe, Irish and German.

Mandi grew up in Welland, Ontario Canada, located in the Niagara Region in a big, diverse family that allowed her to grow and learn about her Culture and traditional teachings by travelling to family on Six Nations and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and to extended Cree Family in Northern Ontario and Québec’s territories.

Named Tkwasit Mamalis after the Deer, which translates to Gentle Fawn, she is a member of a large family and Community of hunters and gatherers that strive towards Food Sovereignty and the Perseverance and Protection of Treaty Rights to hunt, fish and trap for Six Nations and beyond. Much of the organic material that is harvested from these hunts is the media for Mandi’s work.

A busy Mother-of-2, Daughter, Artist, Crafter and Workshop facilitator for her business, Sweet Dreams and Native Things, she always takes time to teach anyone who wants to learn, as traditions can only be carried on if they are passed down to the next generations.

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Large Wing, Tail Fan, Small Wing