Sigil Salt Variety (selection of 3)


Each bottle of CRMNY soaking salts has been blessed and charged in a sacred ceremony to inspire your own healing and self-care. First we banish, then we blend the salts and essential oils. After filling the bottles with the mixture, they are cleansed and purified with water, fire, air, and earth. The sigils are brought to life via a powerful breathing technique and then we ask Elelogap, The Spirit of the Waters, to impart healing and purifying power unto each bottle. They are potent tools designed to help you rest, relax, and recharge.

Please note that these magical bath salts are made to order and require a waxing moon to be blessed and charged. As such, please note that they may take a few weeks to go out depending on lunar phase.

Select 3 bottles, here are the available options:

  • Safety: The grounding power of cedar, fir, and spruce, as well as a sacred sigil for safety, ensure these salts will help you sink into your body, and allow you to become more present and connected to your earthly vessel.
  • Passion: Blended and blessed with clary sage, lavender, and hyssop, these salts will help you harness inner fire while gently igniting emotional connection. Excellent for opening and supporting healthy sexual expression.
  • Power: This intense blend is not for the faint of heart. Clove, mint, and helichrysum help you reclaim your power and overcome fear. This invigorating combination runs hot, so be prepared for a profound experience.
  • Agape: This heart-opener is infused with rose, bergamot, and ylang ylang to support a deeper loving connection with yourself and those around you. These salts will support you as you build and strengthen the unique relationships in your life.
  • Logos: Find your voice with this blend of lavender, mandarin, and cedar, created to support empowered expression and inspire healthy communication. Say what you need to say and hear what you need to hear, all with ease and grace.
  • Vision: Wipe the cobwebs from your third eye with this powerful blend of frankincense, clary sage, and rose. Gain clarity amidst confusion and visualize the potential for satisfying outcomes, all while honoring your intuition.
  • Illumination: Connect to your highest self with this enlightening blend of frankincense, cedar, and spikenard. These salts will help guide you on a path toward elevated consciousness and support your spiritual journey.
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Each bottle of CRMNY soaking salts has been blessed and charged in a sacred ceremony to inspire your own healing and self-care.

Directions: Run a hot bath. Pour half the bottle into the tub and mix until dissolved. Soak for 30 minutes. If desired, repeat the mantra below and meditate with intention.